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Fantasy Body Art
Key West

We making it easy.  

Bring a Body Artist to your Place.

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Full-Day Private Body Art Service

Imagine This...

You're at Fantasy Fest Week, surrounded by color, energy, and the vibrant spirit of creativity. But instead of waiting in line for hours for a body art session, you have your own personal body artist. The best part? They come to you!

Introducing Rasa's Exclusive Body Art Experience, where we bring the magic of body art to your doorstep. You and your friends can enjoy a fun-filled and unique experience without leaving the comfort of your property.

What We Offer:


Private Body Art Service

up to 20 People 

Body Art Service with a group of Artist 


Full Week Body Art Service 

Body Art Service for Private Parties


Providing Everything You Need

  • Personal Body Artist: Book Rasa and her talented team of body artists. They will be dedicated to you for the entire week, turning your creative vision into a stunning reality.

  • Private Sessions: Say goodbye to long waits and crowded studios. We come to you to provide body art services in the comfort of your own space.

  • Creative Freedom: You and your friends can have fun exploring different body art designs with Rasa and her team guiding you every step of the way.

  • Guaranteed Contract: All our services are backed by a contract, so you can be assured of our commitment and professionalism.

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